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retouch, photos by A-Love

ReTouching is a Service A-Love Provides to give you that Beautiful Glamourous Flawless Look that you so often see in Magazines, Editorial Ads, and in Model Portfolios. Enhancing Makeup, Making those beautiful eye colors POP, removing Blemishes, scars, wrinkles, under eye circles, brightening Teeth, whitening eyes, Sharpening features, contouring facial shapes and even expressions, making your hair color richer, making that outer you, match your inner beauty Giving your face that smooth Airbrush flawless, timeless look! 


*Photo Retouching is included in all Photo Shoot sessions that are booked. Please Refer to Package Pricing to Book a Photo Shoot. Photo Retouching is an ART and requires alot of detail attention, I do offer a fast Turn Around time depending on the # of images Requested for Retouch.


ReTouching Services Only: 

* 4 Image minimum, Images must be 300 dpi High Resolution Jpeg, Sorry no Camera Phone images.


Basic Package: $20.00 4 Images 

includes Blemish Removal, Red eye Removal, Eye Sharpening and brightening , minor makeup Enhancements, Skin smoothing.


Magazine Material Package: 4 Image Minimum  $20.00 Per Image  (Professional Photographers please email  to inquire for special rate over 6 images.

Blemish Removal, Total makeup Enhancments: Includes Eye Shadow color changes/ Lip color or Color enhancements to makeup already applied Add or Enhance Eye Lashes and mascara, Skin Smoothing, Pore Removal, Shine Removal, Wrinkle Removal, Face Skulpting, Lighting correcting, few inches removed off waist, arms, legs, enhancements to hair color, (lip plumping if needed )  Eye Color changes available upon request, Teeth Whitening and More.