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Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot!

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome, Welcome 1st I wanna thank you for visiting my website please Look around and Book a session if you are in Atlanta, Contact me and I will throw in 2 Free extra 8x10 Prints of your Session!

My topic of discussion is HYGIENE! Yes, it is a must for a Photo Shoot.

(Ladies) Please no chipped fingernails, or polish!! Your nails should not look like this! No hairy Legs or Armpits, This my Friends is not a good look by any means, This is something you would think is basic common sense, but I have had situations with beautiful models such as this, LoL not to this length and extreme but hopefully you get the point. **(Men & Women) Moisturize your Arms, legs and whatever else is Ashy. This is a top request question I ofter get... "Do you have some lotion I can borrow?"

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