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Breast Cancer Exposed 2016

The Launch of the 2016 Breast Cancer Exposed Calendar has now been Released! Carrie's Touch Breast Cancer Org. has launched their 3rd Calendar that shares the very personal intimate Journey's of Breast Cancer Survivors! I had the oppurtunity to travel to California to work on and Shoot all the images of the Lovely Ladies and a Gentleman. A True Inspiration and Blessing Please Support Breast Cancer Awareness and Purchase your very own 2016 Calendar and be inspired by the Journey of so many strong survivors!

On Sale Now!

Breast cancer EXPOSED reveals the journeys of 12 bold and courageous survivors who expose their hair, their scars, and their stories to celebrate life, legitimatize the experiences of fellow survivors, and educate the community. These stories go beyond the surface and into what is real. Society receives a homogenized depiction of breast cancer and survivorship. Every October, we wear pink to raise awareness, but we lack awareness of the struggles of survivors of color. Our calendars challenge the status quo. We highlight survivors of color and show that black women can and do survive this disease.

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